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CreateIT Now at Southlake

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In Ontario, up to 90% of healthcare startups fail. Let’s change that.

CreateIT Now at Southlake drives the future of healthcare innovations by cultivating great ideas determining which initiatives have the highest potential impact that will translate to healthcare and commercial success.

The CreateIT Now team will help fast-track ideas to market, whether through intake or outreach, by mentoring new entrepreneurs, addressing regulatory issues, and generating a sustainable revenue stream through progressive intellectual property and royalty agreements.

Projects: Current and Completed

CreateIT NOW helps projects like these get the assistance they need, whether it’s access to a clinically advanced, full-service hospital in which to test new products and get advice from those working on the front lines of healthcare; Innovative procurement to remove or address regulatory barriers; pilot sites; clinical trials; an environment to test prototypes; assistance with intellectual property and royalty agreements and a 4,000 square-foot subsidized space on the Southlake campus for meetings, conferences and workspace.

Challenges and Solutions

We’re better together. That’s why CreateIT Now brings together funders, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and hospitals to solve challenges and develop solutions. Get started today by telling us your story. We’ll help you find the missing piece to improve healthcare and achieve commercial success.

Lead Partners

Southlake Regional Health Centre