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From time to time Southlake and CreateIT Now will post specific calls for proposals (RFP’s) and Innovative procurement calls on this page. Links to our formal bidding process will be provided in each case.

Advanced Case Costing and Traceability Project 

The goal is to improve operational excellence and efficiencies within the Operating Room supply chain and related back office functions. Case costing will ultimately apply to all procedures, however, for the purposes of the project, the test case and focus will be on Operating Room surgical procedures. The combined annual surgical spend at Southlake is $53 million, compared to a total $11 million for the health centre’s other divisions.

Opportunities to get involved coming soon.

Patient Communication Hub 

Evidence suggests that in-patient information systems positively impact patient satisfaction, awareness and engagement in maintaining health, and the overall patient experience.  Southlake will procure and implement a technology solution that provides patients with direct, online access to relevant information and/or entertainment. The creation of a “Patient Communication Hub” will allow access to relevant information on demand for specific conditions, treatments and therapies has the potential to empower patients, focus their discussions with clinicians and improve patient experiences and their health outcomes. 

Closed for bids.

Pre-Admission/Post-Discharge Medication Reconciliation Solution

Medication reconciliation is a critical component of safe health care. The Southlake project aims to minimize medication errors and adverse drug events at transitions of care, in addition to preventing unplanned hospital readmissions and minimizing ED return visits. The challenge is that medication information may be in multiple areas of a patient’s health care record, compounded by the fact that electronic medication management systems are usually fragmented, underdeveloped or non-existent.  SRHC’s Medication Reconciliation Innovation Procurement project is intended to investigate, identify, and conduct a procurement process for a medication reconciliation solution. The solution will support medication adherence, improve patient engagement, integrate with existing hospital systems and support clinical medication reconciliation. 

Closed for Bid